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Howard Dean, M.D.'s Journal

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16th September 2004

2:52pm: Been a while, hasn't it?
You know, I almost forgot about this thing until I checked one of my many e-mails...you get busy and this is what happens! Seems like my other friends are in the same quandry, but I figured I'd at least give it another shot. We're busy people, you know? Lately I've been writing my articles as usual and have been out and about. Recently I won the Caldicott Award, can you believe it?! It's the Physicians for Social Responsibility's highest award. Good stuff. As usual you can always see what I'm up to by going to blogforamerica.com - if I'm not keeping up with this, then someone there will be kind enough to keep you informed for me. :) As I said...busy people...I was a bit worried from the start that these things would fall apart, but what will you do? Well, I'm going to be off now. Bye!

13th August 2004

2:55am: Gee, I'm gone for a few days and suddenly everyone jumps on the lj bandwagon! Ah, well, the more the merrier, I say! I haven't been doing too much lately- just the usual. The "Dean Dozen" candidates are doing well, and that's good to see. Man, that George W. Bush post in politicalpartay was beyond funny. Cheney ought to get a livejournal- I'm sure that would be a laugh. :> Now that I think of it, there have been some rather...suspicious posts among my fellow politicos here...but I will refrain from making any doctor jokes. ;) My eyes are killing me right now so I think I should go off to bed. Night!
Current Mood: amused

9th August 2004

4:16am: Right now I am awfully tired, but I decided to post. I was just looking at the Blog for America and comments on my performance as guest host. Some people criticized me for hosting a show, saying; "great instead of a president we get a talk show host...", yet I can't help but find this ironic. Certain people who have supported me in the past are now upset that I'm not doing enough! Well, I think I've done quite a bit for the party, and I'm always supporting the cause. After all, what do they expect me to do? I could have dropped out of the spotlight entirely, even though I am still very popular- but I didn't. I know I've talked about hosting my own show but I'm still not sure about it. I have to think about all my options.

Other people who commented were very supportive. One said that I had to reach people through every avenue available and think ahead, which are my thoughts exactly. She also mentioned that people usually admit "Howard was right" about things I do, and she says that she suspects many people will admit I was right about this too. Well, I can admit I'm certainly not right all the time, of course! Regarding the media, anyway, that sort of thing does tedn to happen. I love that sort of support though- it really keeps me going. I hate to lose sleep, but I am glad I had a few more things to brighten my day.
Current Mood: tired

8th August 2004

12:11am: First post...
Hello there. It seems that everyone else was getting these blogs so I thought I'd get one too. I don't have a whole lot to say right now, though. I do have something on my mind, however. Tomorrow night you can see me as the guest host of "Topic A with Tina Brown" on CNBC. As I've said before, I'm delighted to be stepping in for Tina this week. It's a great opportunity to talk about issues that matter, and, besides, I get to talk to Jon Stewart. Heh. It's on at 8 P.M., so don't forget! Oh, and feel free to leave a comment welcoming me- I like attention.
Current Mood: chipper
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