Howard Dean, M.D. (dr_dean) wrote,
Howard Dean, M.D.

Been a while, hasn't it?

You know, I almost forgot about this thing until I checked one of my many get busy and this is what happens! Seems like my other friends are in the same quandry, but I figured I'd at least give it another shot. We're busy people, you know? Lately I've been writing my articles as usual and have been out and about. Recently I won the Caldicott Award, can you believe it?! It's the Physicians for Social Responsibility's highest award. Good stuff. As usual you can always see what I'm up to by going to - if I'm not keeping up with this, then someone there will be kind enough to keep you informed for me. :) As I said...busy people...I was a bit worried from the start that these things would fall apart, but what will you do? Well, I'm going to be off now. Bye!
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